credit: ©PeteLongworth

Dance and music - inseparable. Dayna's experiences in dance have all been informed by this connection, and her pursuit of rhythm. She has primarily studied tap dance and its rich history in jazz music and improvisation as a means of communication. This led to investigations in Afro-Cuban & Greek music, body percussion, and most significantly now, her focus on contemporary flamenco. As a result of the magnetic magic of percussive dance and the desire to continuously learn and seek new rhythmic inspiration, Dayna has been fortunate enough to spend time across Canada, the US, Cuba, Spain, and Greece performing and studying with many tap, flamenco, and music artists, and passing on what she has learned as a teacher to all ages and levels.

Performances have included Live at the 'Bolt with Small Stage and Ballet BC, the 1st & 2nd Athens' Coetáni Experimental Flamenco Festival, Dances for a Small Stage Canada at the Magnetic North Festival & Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa, additional Vancouver Small Stage events, the Toronto Rhythm Initiative's Nina & Joni shows, the Tap Ahead Festival in Germany, Astrolabe Musik Theatre's NEWmatica, the Vancouver Folk Festival, the NYC & Vancouver tap festivals, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and the Edmonton Fringe Festival. Dayna has produced and co-produced events like Written on the Body with composer Elisa Thorn, With You We Dance in Seattle with fellow tap dancer Jessie Sawyers, and Miles to Feet in Vancouver with an incredible roster of local artists. Dayna is currently a Small Stage Artistic Associate and has been awarded professional development, project, and travel grants from the BC Arts Council and the Canada Council. She and close collaborator, Elisa Thorn, were 2015-2018 recipients of a Vancouver Parks Board three year Artistic Fieldhouse residency.

An ongoing project that is close to her heart is the work done in one-on-one sessions assisting Heather Cornell in reviving hours of lost material from her private sessions with tap legend Eddie Brown. Thank you, Eddie.

My current project has me offstage and preparing Leña Artist Research and Residency Centre on Galiano Island, BC.